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Alone we can do so little;
Together we can do so much. — Helen Keller Author, political activist - 1880-1968

Freeze, the independent publisher engaged in serving Mobile & web Indie Games Developers

Freeze aims to represent and reinforce independent development studios by giving them access to a suite of tools and resources that is highly needed to be competitive in the ruthless APP stores arena.

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Overseas studios & publishers!

Freeze is the ideal launch platform and operational hub for your games in EMEA. Local IP management strategy with improved marketing and local communication is one of the key factors to conquer new frontiers and increase revenues.

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IP Owners!

Freeze seeks to tighten cooperation between players in the Mobile and WEB Video Game Industry and in other Media (producers, publishers and broadcasters in the Film, TV, Music, Publishing industries...) by facilitating and optimizing the association between games and content.

Freeze will

  • Find and work with the best partner that will create a good game that fits perfectly your IP
  • Market the game and make money out of it !

Our goal: increase and maintain brand/IP awareness, revenues and FUN for the benefit of all!

Let's create a game with your IP !

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FREEZE draws on the expertise of its cofounders and team to optimize exposure, conversion, retention, engagement and satisfaction.

Services and areas of expertise:

Pooling audiences, instruments and resources allow to create marketing power, synergies and economies of scale for the benefit of all our partners.

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